Community Solutions

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The Community Solutions approach is based upon early intervention to prevent escalation to the point where statutory services are required. It develops resilience among communities, empowers residents to lead independent lives and be well connected locally. The Community Solutions model contributes to an improvement in wellbeing and socio-economic conditions across the borough.

To empower Hounslow’s communities to connect with support, help and advice in an accessible way available locally to them.  

The Council will do this through working in collaboration with local community groups and other partners to enhance existing offers to ensure that they are robust and resilient. 

Many of the factors that residents present with are inter-related: e.g., unemployment is a major driver of rent arrears and contributes to deterioration in mental health for many individuals. The Community Solutions model responds rapidly; identify residents’ underlying needs; makes early interventions to address underlying needs; and works in collaboration with VCSE and health partners. 

The Community Solutions animation gives a good understanding of the service and approach: 


Members of the Community Solutions team are based in community locations across the borough on a regular basis. The team is on hand to speak directly with residents about any concerns or needs.

To find out where you can find the team on a weekly basis, visit for more information, or


020 8583 2211


Visiting Hounslow Connect:

Hounslow Connect is a Community Solutions Digital platform and can be accessed for information about local services, events, activities, and support. The platform is fully translatable. 

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