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Building relationships and connecting with our communities are core to our engagement approach. 

Our intention is to collaborate with residents from the beginning so that they can provide advice and shape the delivery of our health services. We aim to provide a range of channels for our residents to express their voice and represent their communities. 

The BBP has three key areas where we focus our engagement:

  • Raising awareness of our services:
    This principle focuses on general outreach of our health services within the community. This could be residents attending public events or information sessions, or the distribution of resources such as flyers to inform residents. Raising awareness of services is an opportunity to connect with our residents and to understand their experiences of our health services.
  • Developing our services:
    We work in partnership with representatives from our communities to discuss opportunities that can be applied to improve our health services. This may look like workshops, focus groups or forums where in-depth discussions are facilitated to support the development of our services. 
  • Measuring the impact of our services:
    Engagement contributes to evaluation planning of our services. We support evaluations by suggesting appropriate ways to collect feedback from residents who used our services. It is an opportunity to understand what was achieved in our services and what can be in the future to improve. 

We have several staff across the BBP who engage with our residents and communities. Our staff meet on a regular basis to coordinate engagement activities and to share opportunities to be involved in a variety of different events. 

As part of our engagement planning, we meet monthly through our Borough Based Partnership Communications and Engagement Subgroup. The Subgroup brings together communications and engagement staff across the Borough Based Partnership to coordinate activities for various health projects. 

Key Engagement Contacts


NHS North West London: 

London Borough of Hounslow: 

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: 

West London Trust: 

Hounslow Richmond Community Healthcare: 

Engagement contributes to evaluation planning of our services and reviewing previous feedback is a powerful tool when planning future projects. 

For the latest engagement reports and tracker please click here

Community Insights Reports

NHS North West London engagement teams produce monthly community insight reports to highlight the work being undertaken in each borough. 

These reports set out what our communities are telling us, and aim to shape strategy and community outreach. The strategic approach and targeting is agreed at borough level in line with the NW London involvement strategy. 

For the latest Community Insights Reports please click here

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