The CORE20PLUS5 project, funded by the NWL Inequalities Transformation fund, enables the BBP to ensure a data driven approach to our work and meet the NW London ICS Inequalities objectives of:

  1. Reduce inequalities in health outcomes
  2. Reduce inequalities in access
  3. Enhance economic/employment impact of our work
  4. Reduce inequalities of experience

CORE20PLUS5 is a national strategy designed to reduce health inequalities. In order to engage successfully with our communities and design tailor made interventions, we need the appropriate data and, following interventions, we need to track, monitor and evaluate our approaches to address that risk. Together with the Health Outreach Team, the CORE20PLUS5 project aims to help us build an understanding of our residents impacted by health inequalities and develop and evaluate interventions to improve their health outcomes.

There are 12 CORE20 LSOAs in Hounslow. Combining information about geography, employment, financial data, and health data we can build a story about our most deprived groups and develop proactive targeted interventions to support them working with PCNs, public health, and wider health and council partners. There are also 3 PLUS cohorts which we are focusing on: asylum seekers, those experiencing homelessness, and young carers

  • Build an understanding of our CORE20PLUS5 cohorts including who they are, their met and unmet health and wellbeing needs, and their views on what can improve their lives.
  • Work with residents to co-design solutions across the health system to reduce health inequalities
  • Measure impact of interventions

Two workshops have been held to understand our CORE20PLUS5 cohorts and agree our PLUS cohorts. Four workstreams have developed out of these workshops:


A second workshop was held to look at our CORE20 cohorts and their health needs. The data from this project can be found in the resource centre. To understand the views of residents living in the CORE20 areas, we set up a community grant fund. Nine VCSE groups were successful:

Autism Hounslow
Brentford Football Club
Fairer Housing
Friends of Cathja
Hounslow Respiratory

From April-May 2024, these community groups will be conducting local engagement with residents to identify key experiences and opportunities for improving health outcomes. Their findings will be shared with the BBP in June.

Work has progressed around asylum seekers, particularly around primary care, and mental health and improving coordination of support at two hotels. An outreach primary care service launched this year to go into asylum seeker hotels and a cross-BBP working group has been established to coordinate mental health support. 

Homeless Health planes to conduct a health needs audit in Spring 2024 and Young Carers projects are in the scoping phase.


In July and August, we plan to go back out to community groups as well as colleagues across the BBP to co-design solutions. 

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